Would you like to green your business but you are not sure where to begin?  Caelus can help.

Caelus provides a range of consulting services including the CurrentState™ Sustainability Audit, VendorCheck™ Green Supply Chain services, SustainTrain™ On-Line Courses and a range of Sustainability Reporting support for CDP, GRI, LEED and other standards.

All Caelus services are based on our Sustainability Management Framework™ (SMF). Our framework provides an organization a complete view of sustainability and all services exist inside this structure. SMF has three main categories (Green IT, Facilities and Business) and over 20 more specific sub-categories.  SMF sets our firm and services apart from other consulting firms.


Receive a 5% Discount on Carbon Offsets from TerraPass™

Caelus and TerraPass™ have partnered to increase the awareness and use of carbon offsets.  Carbon Offsets and RECs are an excellent way for both individuals and businesses to make a real difference with climate change.

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CurrentState™ Sustainability Audit

CurrentState™ takes a snapshot of all the sustainability policies, procedures and practices of an organization and compares these to Industry Best Practices.  This provides an organization a Sustainability Implementation Plan to improve sustainability performance.

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Green Supply Chain

The VendorCheck™ service helps bring together buyers and sellers in order to improve sustainability along the entire supply chain.  Pressure is increasing on both buyers and sellers to become more accountable and transparent about sustainability performance.

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Sustainability Reporting Services

Caelus provides several sustainability reporting services, including assistance with GRI, CDP, B-Corp Applications, Carbon Management Plan and CSR Reports. 

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