Would you like to green your business but you are not sure where to begin? Does your company have some green programs in place but you are not sure if you are doing everything you should?

Caelus has developed something quite revolutionary - the CurrentState Sustainability Management Framework™. Our framework will give your organization a completely different view of sustainability - a macro view. The framework organizes sustainability into three main categories: Green IT, Facilities and Business. These categories are further divided into over 20 more specific sub-categories. If an activity is related to sustainability in business, it has a place in our framework.

Having a macro-view changes everything. Let us show you how.



Does your organization need to go green, but is not where to begin? Or does your organization already have a green program in place, but you would like to know how it compares to industry best practices? QuickStart can help! You can begin QuickStart in a matter of minutes.

QuickStart is the fastest and best way to create a sustainability program or to check on the health of your existing efforts. For this purpose, a long and expensive consulting engagement is not only not needed, but it is not advised. QuickStart will provide your organization with exactly what it needs to know in a fraction of the time and cost of a large consulting firm.

We will schedule a consultation meeting within 24 hours









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