Our team has over a decade of oil & gas, alternative technology commercialization and sustainability consulting experience.  During this time, we have delivered sustainability results to clients across the globe.  In addition to the North America, we have worked with clients across the European Union and Russia.  Some of the better known clients we have served include Gazprom, Unilever, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Bombardier, Raytheon, Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), Virgin Mobile, Transport for London and BAE Systems.  Our clients include ParisLeaf, Smiles for the People, FasCast, Destination Hotels & Resorts and FrancescaFurzi.







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Caelus has the sustainability blog CaelusGreenRoom.  Check out CaelusGreenRoom for the latest #green, #csr, #sustainability news from PR Newswire3BL MediaJust Means and BusinessWire.  Also check out our twitter (@caelusgreenroom).  Our twitter broadcasts the latest news from our blog.  We have over a quarter of a million twitter followers in our network and this is growing every day!.