Corporate Sustainability Expert - MARCS


Corporate Sustainability Expert - MARCS

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The Corporate Sustainability Expert – MARCS course is uniquely developed to address the requirements posed to employees charged with performing their duties in the most professional manner taking into consideration those actions that contribute to both profitability and sustainability.

The course focuses on managing non-financial performance reporting and on the optimization of internal and external stakeholder-specific sustainability reporting requirements. Course participants examine how organizations can take control of their non-financial performance reporting by consolidating information flows from various functional groups.

Who should take this course?

  • Those who need an overview of Corporate Sustainability
  • Those who want to integrate Climate Risk Management into Corporate Strategy
  • Those who want additional insight into Corporate Sustainability after University
  • Those who want to understand what the internal and external stakeholders want

What will I learn?

  • Sustainability Performance Indicators
  • Stakeholders (Internal & External)
  • Standardized and Consistent Sustainability Reporting
  • Building Stakeholder Confidence
  • Considering Climate-Risk Impacts when Implementing Corporate Strategies
  • Transparency when communicating Corporate Sustainability
  • Sustainability Leadership
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