VendorCheck™ Supply Chain Audit


VendorCheck™ Supply Chain Audit

from 5,000.00

The VendorCheck™ process could not be simpler. The VendorCheck™ Supply Chain Survey is distributed to the purchasing organization and vendors. The survey contains questions for the following business categories: Energy Management, Heating & Cooling, Lighting, Water Usage, Waste & Recycling, Sustainability Practices, Carbon Management, Green Supply Chain, Business Transportation, Goods & Services, Environment and Labor Practices.

Completed surveys are collected by the VendorCheck team and preparation of the Findings Reports begins. The following reports are created:

  • Supply Chain Sustainability Report (Purchasing Organization) - This report summarizes the sustainability performance in all of the business categories and provides specific Quick Wins and recommendations to improve performance.

  • Supply Chain Sustainability Report (Vendors) - Vendors also receive the same performance report with Quick Wins and recommendations.

  • Supply Chain Performance Report (Purchasing Organization) - The report summarizes the sustainability performance of a purchasing organization’s supply chain. The report identi es the activities vendors are excelling at and the activities that are presenting he largest challenges. 

VendorCheck™ is available in three versions.

  • 5 suppliers - $5,000
  • 10 suppliers - $7,500
  • 20 suppliers - $10,000
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