Start Green is a strategic communications organization, focused exclusively on the green and sustainable market. Start Green is fully owned and operated by ExcelStrategy of Virginia, USA.

Start Green leverages the power of the internet to support the growing Green Economy, to inform producers, shareholders, and consumers of .green, the home of the socially responsible. Start Green is the retail home delivering the world’s .green domains – to organizations building their brand in the Green Economy.


The .Green Domain

Build your brand in the Green Economy, be found and recognized, and achieve the highest visibility to your green initiatives. A pivotal moment is registering a “” web address. Stand out from the crowd and benefit from the brand value of “green”.


Common uses of a .green domain name

  • A .green domain name to headline your organization’s website – where your brand is fully engaged and identified as a green product or service. Example:
  • A .green domain name to headline an adjunct website – highlight your socially responsible green efforts and gain the best visibility within your community. This approach is common among commercial organizations with a priority on social responsibility. Example:
  • A .green domain name to redirect to an existing website – Point your .green domain name to your blog, to your website, or to a portion of your website (ex. your green & sustainable initiatives on your current website).


Why .green?

“Green” is a term recognized worldwide as synonymous with sustainability and social responsibility. With a .green web address, you can inform the public that you are taking steps to implement socially responsible green practices. You can build your brand in the green economy, be found and recognized, and achieve the highest visibility for your green initiatives.

Organizations that value and implement green and sustainability initiatives into their daily operations must have a market for their products and services, in order to thrive as a business and deliver their desired socially-responsible impact. Easily identifying those products and services benefits the producers, shareholders, and consumers, since they are increasingly choosing green. Nielsen’s 2015 research indicates that 66% of global consumers say they are willing to pay more for green and sustainable goods, up from 55% in 2014 (and 50% in 2013).

Highlighting this information on a .green web address provides greater visibility in search engine results, by search term relevancy as well as the visual, cognitive scanning as one reviews the results for the desired information. No longer should this important information be relegated to the back pages of your corporate website. Stand above the rest by locating this information on a .green web address, which symbolizes the future of green and sustainability, and its emerging economic impact in the rapidly growing green economy.